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Seed World Innovation Webinar Series: How to Identify, Market & Sell to Farmers through Detailed Data Analysis

Use field-level data to find farmers who need seed treatment products.

During this webinar, participants will learn to:

Identify your company’s ideal customer base through fact-based information such as crop type, farm size, Gross Farm Income and more.

Analyze the market and compare your company’s track record to your segment of the market to identify opportunities to expand market share, wallet share and overall business footprint.

Gain insight into farm operations and growers to create engaging marketing messaging, tailored segments and effective conversations that solve the farmers’ problems.

Bring the “now” into your marketing and sales by understanding the weather, real estate and vegetative events and anomalies that require an immediate response from seed and crop treatment companies.

See a demonstration of the data-powered applications that Farm Market iD provides to executives, marketers and salespeople to empower data-driven decision-making at all levels of the agribusiness.

Click here to download our free guide Using Data in the Field for more practical advice for bringing data-powered intelligence to your conversation with farmers.

Meet Our Webinar Speaker

Steve Rao, CEO

Steve Rao is a strategic executive with deep background in marketing, data and analytics and broad industry background.His expertise and knowledge ranging from venture-backed enterprises to Fortune 500 companies is valuable when working with clients to develop data solutions that will help achieve their strategic goals. He currently leads Farm Market iD in bringing data-driven marketing and strategic decision making to the agriculture industry. He brings a unique perspective to database marketing in agriculture due to his broad experience in delivering database marketing solutions across many industries.

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