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UC Davis Completes new Hemp Breeding and Seed Production Course

Contributing to fill a critical need for knowledge in the fast-growing hemp industry, the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center completed a two-day course on Hemp Breeding and Seed Production from Oct. 29-30 in Davis, California.

The course was received with interest. It was attended by 165 professionals, the majority of which were from the U.S., Argentina, Canada, Israel, Netherlands and New Zealand.

The UC Davis Hemp Breeding and Seed Production course was designed to enhance the knowledge of professionals working on hemp improvement and propagation. The course covered hemp seed production topics such as flowering, pollination, seed development, harvesting and certification. Course participants also learned about hemp genomics, genetics, sex expression, types of cultivars with corresponding breeding schemes and intellectual property protection options.

The course was taught by experts from both industry and academia. The instructor list included:
Kent Bradford, Rale Gjuric, John Palmer, Allen Van Deynze, Amanda Vondras, John Yoder (all UC Davis)
Larry Smart (Cornell University)
K. Bear Reel (Charlotte’s Web, Inc)
Nicholas Stromberg (Beacon Hemp)
Chris Holly and Daniel Knauss (both Cooley LLP)