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HarvestMaster Opens Austrian Office

HarvestMaster opens a new office in Wels, Austria, to better serve its European partners and customers with local sales, marketing and service support. The company’s aim with the European location is to provide faster response times, more immediate communication and excellent service to its international customers.
With offices also located in Logan, Utah, and Kansas City, Missouri, this is HarvestMaster’s third location.
The managing director of the new office is Peter Kuchner, who has successfully acted as CEO for a number of large Austrian companies through the years. Kuchner was also chosen as spokesman of the Austrian Industrialists’ Association, as well as for the European Union for Taxes at Trans Atlantik Business Dialog for a number of years. Recently, Kuchner has worked as a consultant, as senior partner in the Austrian consulting group, GSUB. He took on the managing director position for HarvestMaster Europe in January this year.
“Our hope for the new location is that it will provide us with greater insight into the needs of our customers in Europe, and Peter Kuchner is just the man for the job,” says Keith Hunt, HarvestMaster’s business development manager. “The closer proximity will allow us to respond immediately whenever customers have a need.”
A leader in innovative data collection technologies for agriculture research, HarvestMaster’s Plot Harvest Data System and GrainGage products are on-combine grain measurement systems and Windows-based harvest software, Mirus, offers enhanced productivity and data accuracy by providing advanced diagnostic tools for data validation, highly detailed plot information and data trend analysis on the fly.