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Ag Processing Inc. and Monsanto Partner to Bring Vistive Gold High Oleic Soybeans to Iowa Growers


Ag Processing Inc. (AGP) announces it will participate in the 2016 pilot introduction of Monsanto’s Vistive Gold high oleic soybeans. They are the first processor to offer Iowa growers the opportunity to use Vistive Gold high oleic soybeans. The new soybeans were developed with input from leading food companies over the last decade and offer an improved nutritional profile with zero trans fats and reduced saturated fats that the food industry and consumers are currently demanding.
“We are excited to bring Vistive Gold soybeans to farmers in Iowa, and see this as a great opportunity for farmers to maximize their soy acre profit potential,” says Sarah Vacek, Monsanto soy product quality traits manager. “Because Vistive Gold soybeans are built on the Roundup Ready 2 Yield platform and feature enhanced breeding and agronomic packages, farmers will see the same yield advantage they have come to expect with their standard Monsanto varieties.”
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