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Dow AgroSciences Opens New Seeds R&D Site

Dow AgroSciences opens a new Seeds Research & Development Field Station in Huron, South Dakota. A community open house was held at the new site to showcase the station, which includes an office building, seed processing building and a machine storage shed.

“This new site includes the most current seed research technologies and will allow us to expand our seed research work,” says Magan Lewis, Huron Field Research Station Site Leader, Dow AgroSciences. “Providing market-leading seeds products to farmers is one of our company’s goals and the work we perform at the Huron site will allow us to contribute to the company’s product offerings.”

“An important stage of our research process for corn seed will happen at this new Huron site,” adds Klaus Koehler, North America Seeds and Traits Field Breeding/ Development Leader, Dow AgroSciences. “This new site allows us to increase our capacity to test and develop the state-of-the-art corn seed solutions needed by growers throughout North America.”

Personnel at the Huron site plant approximately 61,000 corn plots each year as part of research efforts. The Huron site has six full-time employees, with more than 60 temporary and seasonal employees during the planting and growing season.