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La Crosse Seed Acquires Cover Crop Solutions Seed Brands

La Crosse Seed announces that it is the new and exclusive owner of the entire family of brands of Cover Crop Solutions, effective immediately.
La Crosse Seed now owns the entire portfolio of brands previously used by Cover Crop Solutions, LLC including the brand names Cover Crop Solutions, Tillage Radish, Tillage RootMax, Tillage Sunn as well as the entire suite of the popular TillageMax mixes such as Dover, Bristol and others. La Crosse has become the exclusive owner of the brands in both the United States and internationally.
“We are excited to be able to offer these trusted and well-respected brands to current and prospective customers,” says Dan Foor, CEO of La Crosse Seed. “We will continue to fortify both the Cover Crop Solutions platform and our Soil First family of products which we launched in 2013 to bring cover crop seed innovation to growers.”
“Our entire La Crosse Seed team is committed to helping lead this movement from a seed industry perspective by providing practical, efficient and economical solutions to our customers and growers interested in cover cropping,” adds Foor.
Cover crops are plants typically grown between cash crop cycles to prevent erosion, alleviate compaction, retain nutrients that may otherwise migrate off of the land, and ultimately improve soil health and grower productivity and profitability. This practice has gained significant attention and interest in recent years and agricultural industry representatives have suggested that usage could surpass tens of millions of acres by the year 2020.