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ISTA Offers Industry Membership Opportunity

To better facilitate communication between the seed testing industry and the producers and distributors of seed, the International Seed Testing Association is offering an Industry Membership option, explained Beni Kaufman of ISTA at the International Seed Federation’s 2015 World Seed Congress.
ISTA’s mission is to bring uniformity in seed testing, which can be difficult with certain grass species. Kaufman gave the example of trying to detect annual ryegrass contamination in perennial ryegrass seed lots. “The detection of this is undesirable and results in economic loss,” Kaufman said.
He explained that BioDiagnostics has developed a possible testing method to solve this challenge. They learned that annual and perennial ryegrass display different responses to vernalization and photoperiod.
“The base for the development of any testing method is communication,” Kaufman said. “Anyone and everyone can come to ISTA and make a suggestion or recommendation about a test or method. This is encouraged and is key to providing solutions.”
Issues such as this spurred the association to create a new membership option. He explained that this option creates a direct channel for industry to let ISTA know what their concerns are, what is working and what is not. Additionally, an Advisory Committee comprising 15 representatives from the Industry Membership category will be formed through a selection process.
“We already have two Industry Members and hope to have many more,” Kaufman said.
To learn more about this membership option and ISTA, visit—1–1097.html.