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Healthy Hives 2020 Workshop Defines Bee Health and Research Priorities

A diverse group of honeybee experts representing academia, beekeeping, government and private industry come together for a two-day workshop at Bayer’s North American Bee Care Center to seek tangible solutions to the problems affecting colony health in the United States.
Despite different perspectives, the group was able to develop a working definition of what constitutes a healthy hive. While this may seem obvious to some, a proper definition is currently lacking and is fundamentally important to improving colony health. In fact, it’s so important the group plans to publish this definition as a useful benchmark to help facilitate future research, Bayer says in a news release.
The workshop participants discussed a broad range of projects that could measurably improve or significantly increase our understanding of colony health over the next five years. These ideas were then provided to the Healthy Hives 2020 Steering Committee, which met to convert the workshop’s input into several key areas for potential research initiatives.
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