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USC Introduces New U-BATCH Seed Treater

USC introduces its new U-BATCH Seed Treater. It’s capable of treating most types of seed ranging from grass to soybeans, its versatility makes this treater perfect for primary treatment, over-treatment, powder application or cover crop blending.

The capacity of the U-BATCH™, ranging from 100 lbs to 2500 lbs, is perfect for handling a box or a super sack of seed. The compact design is a space saver, making it easier to fit this unit into any seed treating operation. The design is simple and efficient to operate and is managed through its automated 5.7″ HMI/PLC touch screen control panel. The operator has the ability to control power settings, operate the air discharge gates and adjust the speed of the vertical blender for precision chemical coating. Continuous air pressure to the bottom of the treater chamber allows for a live bottom air seal.
The U-BATCH™ comes standard with one single dry pneumatic feeder and one single liquid pump stand. Additional pump stands are available. Pump stands are controlled through the main touch screen control panel.
Paired with the USC® TS2500 25’ Conveyor and a USC® Box Dump Hopper with adjustable legs and a sliding gate, the U-BATCH™ Seed Treater can be your operation’s most versatile seed treating solution