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Lots Happening at SolGenomics 2016

The SolGenomics 2016 conference has made a few new announcements leading up to the event taking place in Davis, California from Sept. 12-16.
This international conference brings together over 300 scientists and students to discuss the latest advances in genomics and applications for understanding and producing solanaceous plants and crops.
The conference has announced its meeting program 14 ground-breaking session topics including Diversity-taxonomy/Crop germ plasm diversity; Barriers to Breeding; and Genomes and Genome Technologies.
Also announced are seven tours to agricultural research, production and processing sites which include a tour of the Tomato Genetics Resource Center Field Plot and Pepper Diversity Plot (both at UC Davis); HM.Clause Field Commercial Breeding Facility, and Monsanto Phenotyping and Genotyping Lab and Greenhouse Facility.
Also, the May 15 deadline for talks has been extended. Poster abstracts are now due July 15.
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