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Dairyland to Release 13 New Soybean Products for 2017

Dairyland Seed will release 13 new soybean varieties for the 2017 planting season. Each of these varieties can be seen at research tours and field days throughout the Midwest this fall.  The descriptions of the new products follow:
DSR-0225/R2Y    Maturity 0.2
Impressive looks and yield for northern environments. Nice early vigor with lateral branching, good height and standability. Strong agronomic attributes for BSR and PRR. Segregating for P188788 to provide some SCN tolerance. Tested as DST01-000/R2Y in 2015 and beat the plot average 87 percent of the time.
DSR-0807/R2Y    Maturity 0.8
Consistent in low-yield situations and excels in better environments. Rps1c and PRR field tolerance promote vigorous early growth. Resistant to BSR. Best in class WM score in late Group 0 RM. Caution where IDC is an issue.
DSR-0988/R2Y    Maturity 0.9
New 0.9 RM with excellent yield potential. Superb performance in MN and ND. Top of the line PRR protection. Agronomically sound from top to bottom. Can move south as an early option and still maintain yield.
DSR-1313/R2Y    Maturity 1.3
Exciting new 1.3 RM for consistency. 82% win record over the plot average. Excellent stress tolerance in every category. Covers any soil or management style. Medium height and bushiness. Striking appearance in season and at harvest.
DSR-1526/R2Y    Maturity 1.5
Excellent new 1.5 RM with a broad reach. Improved height, yield & adaptability over DSR-1515/R2Y. Solid across management and environmental variables. Good against PRR, IDC, WM, SDS & SCN. Genetically prone to larger seed size to boost yield potential.
DSR-1870/R2Y    Maturity 1.8
New 1.8 RM addition with a broad reach. Medium-tall in a fuller plant type. Handles BSR, WM & SDS. Good choice on IDC prone soils. Limited introductory quantities.
DSR-2017/R2Y    Maturity 2.0
New workhorse with top end yield potential. Agronomically sound in all categories. Can work in any soil or management style. Stands out in the toughest situations. Good looks from emergence through harvest.
DSR-2707/R2Y    Maturity 2.7
New 2.7 RM that is widely adaptable. Very good SCN, BSR, WM, and SDS protection. Taller plant type with abundant lateral branching. Can handle reduced planting populations. Extremely consistent across environments. Caution on high IDC prone soils.
DSR-3434/R2Y    Maturity 3.4
Exciting new launch in mid Group 3 RM. Consistently above the trendline in low-yield and high-yield environments. Rps1k with strong emergence and standability. Good against SCN, SDS, BSR and frogeye. Strong performance in many environments. Shorter statured with improved yield potential.
DSR-3630/R2Y    Maturity 3.6
Elite parentage with toughness and top-end. Excels in high performance situations. Sharp visuals in a medium-tall, light tawny plant type. Strong PRR field tolerance. Will respond to reduced planting populations.
DSR-3745/R2Y    Maturity 3.7
Plant health is excellent!  Widely adaptable product. Field tolerance is best in class for PRR. Solid agronomics for BSR, SDS and frogeye. Moderately thin plant type. Moves south very well while maintaining yield potential.
DSR-4011/R2Y    Maturity 4.0
Unique genetic combination with impressive yield. Quick emergence and early vigor. Rps1c with field tolerance to PRR. Protects against stem canker, SDS and frogeye. Defends well in the south. STS tolerance provides additional herbicide options.
DSR-4225/R2Y    Maturity 4.2
New 4.2 RM for tougher environments. Nice vigor and early growth for early planting opportunities. Strong SDS and frogeye tolerance scores. Tested as DST43-003/R2Y in 2015 with excellent yield data. STS tolerance provides additional herbicide options.