b'formulated with the following words i) platform for members; ii) foresight and proactivity; iii) representation; iv) regulating the trade; and v) communication. Associations are translators. ISF translates the needs of the sector to the language of policy makers and society, while at times it also needs to translate political realities to the business language of the members.Phase 5: Opening UpThe world will continue to evolve; intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations will change and so will technology and relations within value chains, and as a result of this all: the way the seed sector can do business. In all that, seed itself is an agent of change; it helps farmers to adapt to ecological and economic changes and it helps processors and retailers to adapt to changing needs. History has proven that we indeed embrace change, so lets be open to that in the future. What will be the key term that we will give to the next phase at the 125th celebration of ISF. A start has been made to make opening up the over-arching theme for the next period? The first phase of the next century of ISFs existence will be char-acterized by communicating beyond the seed sector itself and collaborating with outsiders. This relates forth to the partners in the value chain and to society at large.We are positioned at the start of all green value chains, pro-viding an essential input for farmers, traders, processors, retailers and eventually consumers. The interests of such chain partners may very well coincide with ours, but conflicts of interest are part and parcel of such relations, be it the distribution of profits along the chain, or the sharing of information. Collaboration along the value chain increases understanding and strengthens the lobby. Not less important is the need for a stronger connection with society, citizens rather than consumers. They eventually provideScenes from the Womens Lunch at ISF 2023us with our license to produce. Showing the societal relevance of the sector and the topics that it lobbies for rather than represent-ing our immediate commercial interests will increasingly dictate our relationship with policymakers. This means that the sectorsector that will continue to require a platform to discuss mat-must be open to the interests of others in society. This will notters, and to organize collective representation and joint services. always be easy, particularly where the business model of someThese will need to be provided at different levels, including the others requires extending conflicts rather than building bridges.global. So, however the future will look, there will be a need It thus also requires us to be open to different ways of communi- for an International Seed Federation, and it is certain that such cation and the realization that emotions are also part of reality. federation will have different functions and priorities than today, responding to and co-creating global developments.SWCongrats and . . . . Carry OnCongratulations to ISF for having been highly relevant for the seed sector for a century now; congratulations to the member-ship that had the visionaries who spend their companys time to start collective action and to continually adapt the ISF to emerging situations and needs. The future is bright when we can continue this journey with wisdom and perseverance. WHERE What is clear is that plants will remain essential for humanON THE WEBlife and so are the seeds and the international exchange and trade of seeds and related knowledge. We can also predict thatThis article has been shortened for print. Read Parts 1 and 2 in their entirety at: the diversity of plant species and of demands by farmers andwww.seedworld.com/europe/2024/02/02/four-quarters-of-isf-and-onwards-to-the-fifth/ users will continue to require a diversity of actors in the seedwww.seedworld.com/europe/2024/02/22/four-quarters-of-isf-and-onwards/ INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024SEEDWORLD.COM /15'