b'PARTNER CONTENTNeed Convincing on the Value of Seed Applied Technologies? Read On By: Todd HansenIFact #2: seed treatments are generally not given the credit vividly remember driving along with my dad early in the spring when I was a boy when he suddenly slammed on the brakestheyre due for what they achieve. because he could see the very first of the corn coming up. HeWhile a comprehensive seed treatment offers disease, insect made me get out of the truck to go look at the seedlings with himand nematode protection (as well as a biological boost), the actual and my biggest memory is just how excited and hopeful he was.benefit gained from a seed treatment in any given field and in any When you could row the cornsee those seedlings coming upgiven year depends on the specific pressures and environmental in beautiful straight linesthat was a great feeling because youconditions present. I appreciate insurance, especially when its knew that the corn had made it up, was on its way, and was prob- seamlessly and cost-effectively incorporated right into the bag of ably going to produce something.seed. A seed treatment provides peace of mind: the confidence Farming at its most basic seems pretty easy, right? You put athat your seed investment is protected and that, no matter what seed in the ground. It germinates. It grows. It produces somethingnature throws at you, your corn has the best possible opportunity you can harvest. But the heart of farming comes down to gettingfor an early start and a strong defensive position. that plant out of the ground. That starts with asking: Whats goingAll of our Bayer-branded corn seed today comes with a seed to produce best on my piece of ground? Am I getting everythingapplied technology package integrated right into the bag. More that I need? Is there anything I can do to support that crop in itsand more farmersin fact, now most farmers - are opting for very earliest days? And, among the very most important questions:our Acceleron Elite offerings, which provide EDC, our enhanced What kind of benefits do seed applied technologies really offer? disease control package. As an added bonus, all of our corn seed Fact #1: a seed treatment offers the simplest to manage, mostapplied technologies now also include a biological, which is an sustainable, lowest environmental impact, most comprehensiveincreasingly valued and appreciated part of todays seed applied early season pest management.technologies. If I could push just one key message, its to be intentional about your seed applied technology. Know what youre paying for, get what you need, and appreciate the very heavy lifting seed treat-ments do to get crops off to a good start. And then? Be like my dad: slam on the breaks and feel that joy and wonder when those seedlings row up. INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024SEEDWORLD.COM /25'