b'PEOPLE-POWERED LEADERSHIPThe New Seed World is All About YOU!WELCOME TO Abold new chapter of Seed World!In this column, Im thrilled to spotlight a particularly We recently launched a transformative global website,powerful partnership with Euroseeds, a stalwart in the uniting all our publications under one vibrant brand.seed sector whose collaboration is instrumental to Since 1915, Seed World has been a staple in the U.S.,our collective success. Working alongside Euroseeds, while in Canada, we offered Germination magazine forweve been able to bring you the latest and most more than 25 years. We recently celebrated a decadecritical developments that shape the seed sector. Its with European Seed, and in 2023, we introduced Seedpartnerships like these that not only propel our indus-World LATAM to Latin America. try forward but also strengthen our community by Each publication, deeply rooted in its own uniquekeeping everyone informed and engaged. Euroseeds SHAWN BROOKhistory and region, is now under the global banner ofhas consistently demonstrated its commitment to is the President ofSeed World. This unification reflects our commitmentexcellence and innovation. Their efforts dont just Seed World Group. to a connected and comprehensive global seed sector.support their direct stakeholders; they uplift the entire As we expanded, we streamlined our names: Europeanseed sector. By sharing crucial news and information, Seed has transformed into Seed World Europe;Euroseeds ensures that all of us stay on the cutting Germination is now Seed World Canada, and in theedge of innovation and information.U.S., we continue as Seed World U.S. The new global platform enriches this local focus The impact? Astounding. Our sites have seenwith a broader global perspective, enhancing under-nearly a 20% boost in traffic in just a few months. Butstanding and fostering growth across the industry. Our this evolution transcends a mere name change. Seedpartnerships, such as the notable one with Euroseeds, World is now a global presence, spanning continentsenable us to deliver critical news and insights that are and cultures. Im particularly excited about our newcrucial for the industrys progress.Insiders feature on the website, where top industryLeading Seed World for more than 20 years has experts share their insights. Were enhancing accessi- been an emotional and rewarding journey. While bility too, offering much of our content in Spanish, andtransitioning away from brands like European Seed and stay tunedPortuguese is next! Germination brings a touch of nostalgia, their legacy Our name has long been synonymous with trustendures under their new names. I am filled with pride and leadership in the seed sector. By integrating ouras our brand evolves into an even more recognized publications under one banner, weve significantlyand comprehensive global resource.broadened our reach and our capacity to deliver pre- Above all, I am grateful to be part of a dynamic cisely what the modern seed sector requires. team that relentlessly pushes the boundaries through Seed World is, without doubt, the seed sectorsinnovative content and creative solutions, always brand of choice. Whether youre from the U.S., Europe,aiming to meet the diverse needs of the seed sector. I Canada or Latin America, Seed World stands as yourfeel incredibly fortunate to collaborate with such dedi-reliable source of essential, timely information forcated partners and colleagues in this vital industry.making pivotal business decisions. Our vision remainsAt Seed World Group, we are privileged to sup-steadfast: localized information delivered by thought- port the passionate, forward-thinking community that leading local content creators with a global focus. Ourdrives the global seed sector.operational model is built on a boots-on-the-groundYours,approach, ensuring that our content is as relevant andShawn Brooktimely as possible. President, Seed World Group28/ SEEDWORLD.COMINTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024'