b'There is no dual-purpose.THIS IS SILAGE.THIS IS GRAIN.Put the best in your bag.full floury For nearly 40 years, Glenn Seed has bred and tested our LEAFY silage-specificcorngeneticsforthecomplexagronomic and nutritional requirements of dairy and beef operations. Ourproductsofferasuperiorbalanceofeffectiveand digestiblefiber,morerumen-availablestarch,andboast feed-specificagronomicssuchashightotalplantyields CORN SILAGE andlongharvestwindows.Offerthebesttoyourdairy and beef customers. Maturities range from FAO 230 - 650.GLENN SEED LTDFEEDCORNBREEDERSwww.glennseed.com | @glenn_seed |Blenheim, Ontario, Canada | 519.676.3813|info@glennseed.com'