b'FROM OUR DESKWelcome to the Netherlands,the Silicon Valley of SeedsWere celebrating 100 years of vital seed sector impact.AS WE GATHER INRotterdam for the World Seedseed sector continues to push the boundaries of whats Congress and mark the centennial anniversary ofpossible in agriculture and do their part to address the the International Seed Federation (ISF), lets take achallenges head-on.moment to think about the vital role the NetherlandsIn this issue, I hope you take time to read each story. plays in the global seed sector. This small country, withWeve gathered some of the best content from all the its rich history of trade and agriculture, has become anSeed World regions to give you an overview of what indispensable titan in the world of seeds. The countrywe are covering across the globe. You will find great is just as important in biodiversity and food security ascontent from Seed World Canada, Seed World Europe, it is in commerce. Seed World U.S. and our newest brand, Seed World AIMEE NIELSON The Netherlands, often hailed as the Silicon ValleyLATAM. Editor, Seed World U.S. of Seeds, hosts the worlds largest concentration ofseed companies in its Wageningen region. This is no mere coincidence but a testament to a tradition of innovation and excellence that dates back centuries. Dutch expertise in horticulture, alongside cutting-edgeSo many breakthroughs in seed technology, research in agronomy, makes it a beacon of knowledge and an exemplar in seed technology. so many improvements in crop resilience, and Why does this matter? The work done hereandmyriad innovations in sustainable farming the seeds cultivated and distributedfeeds billions. Its about far more than just agriculture; its aboutpractices can trace their roots back to the fields sustaining life itself. So many breakthroughs in seed technology, so many improvements in crop resilience,of the Netherlands.and myriad innovations in sustainable farming prac-tices can trace their roots back to the fields of the Netherlands.Congratulations to ISF on 100 years of profound impact. Their steadfast commitment to promotingSo, heres to the pioneerspast, present, and quality seed standards and facilitating global seedfuturein the Netherlands seed sector. Your work trade has been instrumental in ensuring food securitydoes more than grow seeds; it grows hope. Heres and environmental sustainability worldwide. Theseto another century of innovation, collaboration, and organizations not only set the frameworks for industrygrowth. Congratulations to ISF; may your next hundred practices but also embody the collaborative spirit nec- years be as fruitful and transformative as your first. essary to tackle the challenges of the seed sector. Make sure and connect with Marcel Bruins and Shawn As we look forward, the challenges are BIGcli- Brook. They are in Rotterdam and ready to tell you all mate change, population growth and environmentalabout whats going on at Seed World!degradation demand innovative solutions. With a deepAs always, its an honor to partner with you,respect for both tradition and innovation, the DutchAimeeSW6/ SEEDWORLD.COMINTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024'