b'Since only a very few products successfully pass the rigorousWhile delivering innovative hard chemistries will continue to evaluation and testing phases on route to commercialization, Cor- be critical, arguably the most exciting addition in SATs are biologi-teva conducts a very broad search for potential ingredients withcals: products derived from natural sources including microor-the help of partners and collaborators.ganisms, plant extracts or organic matter that can offer pesticidal We have a very deliberate process in place to discover, developbenefits and/or improve plant growth, health and stress tolerance. and deliver new products, Borgmeier says. We collaborateCorteva recently acquired two leading biologicals companies. with others in the industry to ensure we have a lot of products toThrough our acquisitions of Symborg and Stoller, we have screen. The ability to bring different components together to de- access to a broad and deep biologicals portfolio that complements liver the best product possible through recipes or combinations isour existing chemistry products, Borgmeier says. By combin-critical, so we first start with a broad net to pull in a lot of differenting biologicals with traditional chemistry, we can create novel products to screen. products that offer multiple benefits to farmers, such as improved nutrient uptake, enhanced root development, increased disease Whats coming next in SATs?resistance and reduced environmental impact.Borgmeier says Cortevas development pipeline is focused onSATs are a key component of helping seeds reach their genetic responding to agricultures rapid and constant changes via diversepotential. Thats more important today than ever, not only be-protection.cause of the many challenges of farming, but also because of the The reality is that well keep running into new diseases andworlds critical need for maximum food production. changes in the environment that add different stresses to a grow- In the next handful of years, I expect agriculture is going to ing crop. We want to make sure we bring multiple modes of actionprogress even faster, Borgmeier says. Were going to have to think to be able to best protect farmers seed investment, he says.about things in different ways. There are so many pressures and Durability is another top-of-mind priority in the developmentchallenges, whether they be regulatory, environmental, new prod-process.ucts and concepts, growth dynamics, consolidation of farms and We need to deliver products that are going to last, Borgmeiermore. We know weve got to increase production on less land. Inno-says.vative and effective SATs are one important piece of that puzzle.Ecovelex Introducing Ecovelex, Cortevas new sustainable, naturally derived bird repellant. This powerful seed coating works to repel birds without causing them harm, keeping them at bay so that your maize crops can thrive. Its so effective, you can grant your scarecrow an early retirement. What he does with it is up to him.BIRD REPELLENT SEED TREATMENT Discover more now at sat.corteva.comA better way to keep birds away.Visit us at sat.corteva.comTM, , SM Trademarks and service marks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies.2023 Corteva.INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024SEEDWORLD.COM /39'