b'THE WORLD OF Seed World CanadaThe Canadian seed industry contributes significantlyto the economy, with a value of over $6 billion, employing 63,000 Canadians and exporting more than $640 million annually. It actively engages in the global seed trade,covering germplasm exchange, research anddevelopment, contract production for exports, and promoting new varieties. Public investments in seed research are substantial at the federal, provincial, and university levels, further enhancing the industrys impact. Marc Zienkiewicz Senior Editor, Seed World Canadamzienkiewicz@seedworldgroup.com PRINT PUBLICATION ENEWSLETTERS15,483 TOTAL MARKET REACH 5,097 SUBSCRIBERS5,161 MAILED DISTRIBUTIONSOCIAL MEDIAWEBSITE 924 FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS5,202 AVERAGE MONTHLY USERS 2,242 X FOLLOWERS9,404 AVERAGE MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS 1,563 LINKEDIN FOLLOWERSSeed World U.S.The U.S. seed market measured a whopping PRINT PUBLICATION$17.95B in 2022 and is expected to grow at a 25,395 TOTAL MARKET REACHrate of nearly 3.6% per year to reach $22.17B U.S. 8,645 MAILED DISTRIBUTIONby 2028. The U.S. seed industry isnt only important in economic contributions, it drives innovation across agriculture and allows the U.S. to be a key agriculturalWEBSITEleader on the world stage. Most importantly, the agile,20,797 AVERAGE MONTHLY USERSforward-thinking nature of the U.S. seed industry 31,372 AVERAGE MONTHLY PAGE VIEWSand leadership in research, technology and productionallows us to feed ourselves and help feed our globalENEWSLETTERSneighbors too. 8,152 SUBSCRIBERSAimee NielsonEditor,SOCIAL MEDIASeed World U.S.3,710 FACEBOOK FOLLOWERSanielson@seedworldgroup.com5,186 X FOLLOWERS4,810 LINKEDIN FOLLOWERS 30/ SEEDWORLD.COMINTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024'