b'The NetherlandsTHE TINY TITAN IN THE SEED INDUSTRYThe International Seed Federation moves to The Netherlands for the2024 World Seed Conference.The Netherlands is a small country, but its a titan in theSignatures of The Netherlands Seed Sectorseed world and in agriculture. The country is third behind the United States and Brazil in agricultural exports. The1 Global Seed Exports: The Netherlands is a Netherlands leads the European Union as the biggest agri- world leader in the export of sowing seeds, food exporter. This tiny country, roughly the size of the stateparticularly vegetable seeds. of Maryland, feeds the world in a big way. The Netherlands leads the world in avocado exports. 2 Seed Technology Innovation: Dutch companies are at the forefront of seed technology, developing high-quality, drought- and pest-resistant seeds3 Seed Valley: Seed Valley, in the northwest, is an epicenter of the Dutch seed industry. It is home to dozens of companies specializing in plant breeding, seed technology and seed production. More than 50% of the worlds vegetables originate in this small, fertile valley. 60% The Dutch are particularly4 Sustainable Agriculture Leadership: Many famous for their expertise in thecompanies in Seed Valley are involved in seed industry. They produce aresearch and development projects aimed whopping 60% of the worldsat reducing the environmental impact seed potatoes and are leaders inof agriculture and improving the food vegetable seed breeding.production sustainability.Largest Agricultural Exporters in the world based on5 Global Agriculture Contribution: The Netherlands expertise in seed breeding Export Value in 2022 (billion dollars) and technology helps farmers globally to increase their yields, improve the quality of U.S. $193.73 their crops and adapt to climate.Brazil $137.46 6 Economic Impact: The seed industry is a significant contributor to the Dutch Netherlands $119.05 economy, providing thousands of jobs and supporting research and development in the Germany $91.87 agricultural sector.France $83.654/ SEEDWORLD.COMINTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024'