b"Zhang Mengyu Simon GrootAPSA Past President andFounding Father and Honorary Lifetime Member Honorary Lifetime MemberI wish that the 30-year-old and still veryMy well-wishes for the future of APSA and young APSA will overcome all other regional seed associations, such as obstacles to become stronger! AFSTA (African Seed Trade Association) is that we share our experiences to develop more local seedsmanship (or the more gender neutral term which I like to use 'Seedcraft') and non-patented genetics for a healthier and income generating future.Brenda DosseyAPSA Past-President Avtar Singh Dhindsa2017 - 2018 APSA Past-PresidentOn the occasion of APSA's 30th anniversary,2013 - 2014I would like to wish the APSA secretariat, director, OB, EC and all members a veryI wish APSA should be the best platform happy moment of celebration & a reminderfor the Asia and Pacific region, as well as that we are APSA.Like the seed we sell,for global players in the seed business. I APSA is a living thing that needs care andalso hope that some more countries will be attention to thrive and grow. All the best forincluded, such as CIS countries. the future of our vibrant association.INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024SEEDWORLD.COM /27"