b"With technological advancement exploding in every disci- market will have to continuously improve in its ability to meet pline, an increasingly important piece of Cortevas strategy istoday and tomorrows changing environmental challenges.partnership and collaboration. Biologicals are a case in point.Thats an exciting space where were continuing to make sig-Biologicals are an expanding, frontier market that is becoming anificant advancements, he says. significant piece of the overall industry. Wanting to participate inPaired with germplasm, of course are the other components that sphere but not having a significant position, Corteva recentlyof a complete seed solution: seed treatments, traits andin-acquired two leading biologicals companies, which leapfroggedcreasingly importantthe real time digital agronomy and data Corteva into becoming a major player in the biologicals market.solutions that help individual farmers make the best decisions for Weve got a great R&D engine but bringing the outside in wheretheir unique acres. we're not the experts and really leveraging those opportunities toIts not only about bringing the hybrid and saying, Good continue to add more value for our farmers is key, Onstot says. luck!. Its about ensuring we use data to provide insights on how A third priority area for opportunity and growth over the nextto pick the right product and place it at the right farm, in the right few years is a solutions-based approach. We bring all the pieces ofsoil type and manage it the right way. Its not just about focus on our portfolio, then add to that by working with customers so theyone piece. Its bringing a complete solution through a suite of tools really understand how to use the tools together to maximize totaland solutions, he adds.value, Onstot says.One thing is certain for agriculture: theres more change ahead. What are Cortevas biggest near-term growth opportunities?Companies that can nimbly adapt and evolve to capture new Onstot has his eye on a couple: opportunities will be the most successful, so long as they keep Continuing to deliver industry leading solutions that createcustomer needs their top priority. value for our customers is where I believe that we will see the big- What I get excited about is being part of the solutions and gest near-term growth. continuing to add value for our customers, says Onstot. I'm pas- He also sees opportunity in improving germplasm, bothsionate about watching people our customers, our employees, thanks to new genomic technologies and due to necessity: theconsumers in the marketplacewin. Give your corn seeds the best chance of success by caring for them, right from the start.Lumiposa insecticide seed treatment is the unique seed treatment that gives you unrivalled cutworm control and consistent protection against wireworm, up to V2 growth stage.As its absorbed by the plant, it delivers more reliable, longer lasting protection than standard treatments and ensures more uniform crop emergence, even in severe conditions.Discover more now at sat.corteva.comVisit us at sat.corteva.comTMTrademarks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies. 2021 Corteva.INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2024SEEDWORLD.COM /37"