Seed World

Since 1915: Looking Back to Innovations in 1981

A Moment in Time:

This special equipment issue profiled a new machine, the Simon Countmaster — designed to count the number of seeds presented to it or count out any multiple of 100 seeds. It features a three-figure display and is preset at the factory for 1,000 seeds. If required, an adjustment is made before dispatch for other multiples of 100. Also featured was the Slidell-Matic, a state-of-the-art automatic bag placer, and the latest scale and seed cleaning equipment. Equipment evaluators wrote: “In a market study of seed cleaning and grading equipment, we were impressed by the advanced features and high quality of the Petkus line of seed cleaning equipment. All but the two smallest models are made of all-steel construction with many safety features, including mechanical-electrical door locking systems.”

Facts and Figures From this 1981 Issue:

4 is the number of minutes it took for a seed counter to count 1,000 seeds.

20 bags per minute can be processed by a bag placer.

1,320 pounds is the capacity of a typical seed scale platform.

1/16 of an inch is the smallest seed size a typical seed counter can handle.

400-500 bags are in each magazine of a typical automatic bag placer.