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Indigo Launches Initiative to Accelerate R&D

Today (April 25), Indigo launched Indigo Partners, a program that involves collaborating with 25 leading growers and agronomic experts across the United States to evaluate agricultural technologies, including the company’s microbial seed treatments, on more than 15,000 acres.

The Indigo Partners program will share the company’s success with growers through equity grants. With the data and insights gathered from growers’ fields, Indigo aims to bring products to market that will profoundly improve both grower profitability and the way that 7 billion people are fed.

“Using bioinformatics and data analytics, we are creating a unique agricultural R&D platform,” says David Perry, CEO and director of Indigo. “Together with leading growers around the world, we will assess and validate new technologies, generating insights that will bring innovative products to market.

“With Indigo Partners, we seek to discover and launch technologies that improve farmer profitability, and to champion change with new sustainable farming practices.”

Kip Tom, chairman of the Indigo Partners program and chairman of Tom Farms, adds: “The Indigo Partners program is going to be transformative in agriculture. Indigo’s approach addresses the most critical pressure point for farmers, helping to understand the value new innovative technologies bring. I look forward to watching growers worldwide benefit from the Indigo Partners program.”

During the 2017 spring planting season, Indigo will provide participating growers with access to Indigo’s microbial seed treatments and agronomic advice. Growers will benefit from Indigo’s microbial products, which are developed to increase plant health and yield, while optimizing their crops with tailored planting and management recommendations.

Throughout the growing season, growers will work with agronomic experts to collect data. They will then attend an annual Indigo-hosted event to discuss their insights, which will inform further refinement of products and technologies.

In future years, Indigo plans to launch the program globally to assess a broad range of products and new technologies sourced from Indigo and other ag innovators.