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Syngenta Announces Global Introduction of Novel Seed Treatment Fungicide VAYANTIS

Syngenta has announced today the global introduction of VAYANTIS, a new fungicide seed treatment mode of action to address grower needs in corn, soybeans, canola, oilseed rape and cereals.

VAYANTIS contains PICARBUTRAZOX, a new active ingredient from a novel chemical class developed by Nippon Soda. It provides outstanding control of diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora to ensure better germination, stronger stand establishment and higher yields.

In tackling particularly Pythium, farmers will be able to adopt reduced and/or no-tillage cropping systems to protect the soil and avoid having to replant.

“We are excited to be adding VAYANTIS to our broad seed treatment portfolio. PICARBUTRAZOX, with its novel mode of action, will strengthen Syngenta’s leading Pythium control portfolio Mefenoxam and Azoxystrobin Technology,” says Michiel De Jongh, global head of Syngenta Seedcare. “It will offer growers even more choices to control early seedling diseases to an unmatched level by ensuring stand uniformity with strong and healthy plant growth right from the start. VAYANTIS will be used in combination with APRON to complement genetic tolerance or even resistance in specific crops. VAYANTIS is an example of how Syngenta is accelerating innovation through investment in technologies that matter to bring about positive, lasting change for more sustainable agriculture.”

First registrations of VAYANTIS are expected in the United States and Canada in 2020.

PICARBUTRAZOX was developed by Nippon Soda, which has partnered with Syngenta Seedcare to bring this exciting technology to the seed industry and farmers globally.