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Horsch and the Climate Corporation Announce Platform Agreement


Today, The Climate Corporation and Horsch announced a new global agreement. Farmers around the world will have new ways to connect their Horsch seeders, planters and other implements to the industry-leading Climate FieldView platform, making it easier for them to apply digital tools and data science on their farming operations.

Horsch customers using FieldView currently have broad connectivity through the Climate FieldView Drive device, which plugs into a diagnostic port in their tractor cab and uses bluetooth technology to stream agronomic data from their Horsch equipment, before being synced with their FieldView cloud. From there, farmers have the ability to access their historical farm activities anytime from a computer or mobile device and gain advanced insights about their farm. They also have the option to share their data with a trusted agronomic partner to assist with key decisions on their farm.

Through this new agreement, mutual customers will have the opportunity and option to digitally connect to their farm in new ways, including the ability to upload data generated by their Horsch equipment directly into their FieldView account through the Data Inbox tool, which does not require the use of the FieldView Drive.

“No matter where you live, what crops you grow or what equipment you use, our goal is to help you have access to digital insights to make your jobs easier and your farming operations more profitable,” said Daniel Pereira, EMEA Business Lead at The Climate Corporation. “We achieve that goal by collaborating with other leaders in the agriculture industry such as Horsch, respected globally as both an equipment manufacturer and innovative farming family.”

“At Horsch, we believe our products must consider the individual requirements every one of our customers has,” explains Theresa Schmidmeier, Sales Support Electronics at Horsch. “The connectivity of our machines and the transmission of machine-related data, for example with FieldView, will lay the foundation for the visualization of processes in the future. The digitalization and use of this data will enable the efficiency of processes and production sequences to be increased in the future.”

In the future, Horsch and The Climate Corporation hope to continue to grow the agreement to provide farmers with even more granular equipment and agronomic insights, continuing a rich tradition of innovation for both agricultural organizations.

FieldView gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk. A global leading platform, FieldView has launched in 12 European countries since 2018 and is currently on more than 150 million subscribed acres around the world. It has quickly become one of the most broadly connected platforms in the industry.