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Syngenta Launches Digital Solution for Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

Syngenta Crop Protection recently launched the world’s first commercial digital solution, created to identify infestations of plant-parasitic nematodes for soybeans by examining photographs collected by satellites.

The new tool is a breakthrough for management of the pest and adds to Syngenta’s portfolio of products centered on offering digital and precision agriculture solutions, according to a release.

The solution employs a proprietary algorithm to analyze the field images, highlighting areas with high infestations and estimating potential losses that could result from the microscopic parasites. Farmers can then make rapid adjustments to avoid yield loss, optimize the use of inputs and improve sustainability on the farm.

This service will initially be marketed to Brazilian soybean farmers, as Syngenta has an existing range of advanced solutions already available.

Soybean is a crucial crop across the globe, with Brazil accounting for 35% of the world’s production. In Brazil, the plant-parasitic nematodes total more than $5.4 billion in losses a year. Some Brazilian farmers can even lose up to 30% of their yield in areas highly infested by the nematodes, shared the release.

“Harmful nematodes that devastate crops are a major threat to farmers and food security, and Syngenta is using cutting-edge digital solutions to help combat these pests,” said Jeff Rowe, president of global crop protection. “We are excited to be launching this product in Brazil, and there is great potential to scale this solution to other countries and crops and transform the decision-making capabilities for growers.”

The unique innovation is the result of a multi-year effort with Gamaya SA, a Swiss-based AgTech startup, uniting its expertise in algorithm development with Syngenta’s knowledge on agronomics and crops. Syngenta will integrate the digital solution in CROPWISETM, the company’s digital technology platform.

“At Syngenta, we will continue to invest in machine learning and data science to develop further breakthrough offers for farmers,” said Feroz Sheikh, chief information and digital officer for Syngenta Group. “The technology is a great addition to our CROPWISETM platform, which already digitally connects almost 200 million acres of land and underlines our commitment to invest in and partner with providers in the AgTech space.”

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