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Limagrain Marketing New Barley Variety for Brewing

Limagrain is marketing a new variety of barley meant for brewing.
From the field to the finished product, beer production requires that specific products be used as part of a precise process. Barley, processed to become malt, is the main cereal ingredient in the recipes of classic as well as artisanal beers. It is for this market that Limagrain Cereal Seeds launches LCS Genie, a variety of malting barley that matches the growing demand by artisanal maltsters and brewers.
This variety was selected from a range of 70 varieties of European barley. It was recognized to have an adaptation to the climate conditions of the northwestern United States and for its all malt brewing profile — two essential criteria sought after by barley purchasers.
Sold in Denmark and in the United States, this high-performance barley is an exciting new option for U.S. artisanal brewing operations, the France-based company reports.