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Monsanto Promotes Syngenta Proposal in Third Quarter Report

In reporting its third quarter earnings results, Monsanto reiterates its vision and strategic rationale for the Syngenta proposal — to create a new company Monsanto says would provide a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions to help farmers around the world address current and future agricultural, environmental and sustainability challenges.
“The challenges facing the world’s food supply continue to evolve. The growing population, along with our volatile and changing climate, place ever-increasing burdens on sustainable global food production,” says Hugh Grant, chairman and chief executive officer for Monsanto.
“Equipping farmers with the right set of innovations that will help solve tomorrow’s food challenges today requires more than a new company — it requires a new vision and approach. Our proposal to combine with Syngenta is an exciting logical next step for our business, offering the opportunity to accelerate innovation and support a more diverse group of farmers around the world.”
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