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Verdesian Life Sciences Partners with Agroalfa to Bring Polymer Technology to Central America

North Carolina’s Verdesian Life Sciences signs a commercial agreement with Agroalfa in Central America to bring the company’s patented polymer technology to farmers in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.
Agroalfa is one of the largest agricultural distributors in the region, providing products and services to growers for more than two decades in Nicaragua, and more than four decades in Costa Rica and Panama.
“We are excited to announce our partnership with Agroalfa in Central America,” says Greg Thompson, chief operating officer at Verdesian. “As a solutions-based company, we look forward to offering products and technologies that growers in these countries are looking for and ultimately helping them increase yields and return on investment by maximizing crop health.”
Verdesian’s patented polymer technology helps keep applied nitrogen and phosphorus available in the soil, allowing plants to take up those nutrients, as well as reduce nutrient runoff. This technology will now be more widely available to Central American farmers.
“Agroalfa is looking to expand its offerings to their customers, and the Verdesian portfolio of plant health technologies is uniquely suited to help farmers in the region produce higher-quality crops while minimizing the impact on the environment,” Thompson added.