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Bayer CEO Says Company Has No Interest in Acquiring Syngenta

Dr. Marijn Dekkers

Bayer’s chief executive officer Marijn Dekkers responds to recent rumours and says the company has no interest in acquiring Syngenta.
“I would say that Syngenta is not a logical acquisition target for Bayer because there is quite some overlap in the businesses,” Dekkers tells CNBC. “Both Syngenta and Bayer are very strong in chemical crop protection: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides that farmers use to fight off disease for their crops. So no, that is not a logical target for Bayer.”
Monsanto is still pursuing the possibility of taking over Swiss rival Syngenta, but president and chief executive officer Brett Begemann says any hostile bid the company might make for Swiss rival Syngenta is “a ways out yet.”
In an interview with Reuters, Begemann says Monsanto is eager to find out more about Syngenta’s research capabilities and sales numbers before deciding whether or not Monsanto would proceed with a hostile takeover.