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Star Roses and Plants to Purchase Fall Creek’s BrazelBerries Program

Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc. and Star Roses and Plants are pleased to announce the planned purchase by Star Roses and Plants of Fall Creek’s BrazelBerries program – a branded plant collection of ornamental berry plants.
The two companies have concluded an Asset Purchase Agreement and anticipate closing the deal within 30 days. Star Roses and Plants will purchase the comprehensive BrazelBerries program including the brand, variety portfolio and will take over management of the grower network and all sales and distribution. No other Fall Creek assets, business segments, or programs are included in this BrazelBerries-exclusive sale.
“The BrazelBerries brand has grown tremendously from its inception a few years ago to a top retail berry brand in our industry,” says Steve Hutton, president of Star Roses and Plants. “It is exceptional in every respect, from the genetics to the brand design and execution to the first rate marketing. We are fortunate to be able to add it to the ranks of our existing leading brands, Knock Out and Drift roses.”
“The Brazelton family and our entire Fall Creek team is proud to have created the BrazelBerries brand of berry plants and to have grown it in such a short time to its present success,” says Dave Brazelton, President and Founder of Fall Creek. “Star Roses and Plants is an innovative company and industry leader. We have immense trust in their abilities to grow this program to its full potential and we are committed to closely collaborating with the Star team to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all – most importantly for our network growers and the garden retailers.” Brazelton added, “The decision to sell BrazelBerries to Star Roses and Plants will allow the brand to grow and prosper under their direction, and will enable us at Fall Creek to focus on our rapidly-growing core business – blueberry breeding and plant production for the commercial blueberry industry worldwide.”
Both companies share a deep confidence and excitement about the long-term potential for the berry category. Building on consumers increasing their berry consumption continually as a lifestyle norm, the program’s long pipeline of new varieties will continue to make berry gardening accessible and fun for all ages.
Star Roses and Plants intends to integrate BrazelBerries into its operations immediately at closing to ensure a quick and seamless transition for all network growers and their retail customers. Fall Creek will continue to produce and supply plant liners on behalf of Star Roses and Plants with all sales and distribution to be managed by Star Roses and Plants. Fall Creek will aid in the transition during the next two years.