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BioWorks Launches RootShield Seed Treatment

New York-based BioWorks Inc. launches two new versions of its popular RootShield biological fungicide — RootShield Seed Treatment and RootShield AG.
RootShield Seed Treatment helps shield seeds from pathogens that exist in the soil during early development stages while maximizing the performance potential of each seed. RootShield AG helps protect roots of agriculture crops from many pathogens including pythium, rhizoctionia, fusarium, thielaviopsis and cylindrocladium.
Both RootShield varieties are OMRI listed, are available as a wettable powder, and can be used alone or in conjunction with certain chemical fungicides.
“These new varieties of RootShield offer growers additional biological, OMRI-listed solutions,” says Joe Gionta, director of marketing and sales. “There are many more crops and markets our RootShield products can benefit, as the demand from consumers, regulatory bodies, food processors and retailers increases.”