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Advanta Delivers New Phoenix Corn Hybrids for 2016

For the 2016 growing season, Advanta Seeds adds eight new products, including six new base genetics to the Phoenix corn hybrid lineup.
The new products include traits such as Agrisure Artesian, Agrisure Duracade and Agrisure Viptera to optimize water, control insects and provide weed control.
“We’re committed to providing our growers with the right combination of genetics and traits to provide solutions to their farm’s needs,” says Brad Holzworth, Advanta Seeds director of marketing. “These new hybrids build on our portfolio of elite genetics specially selected for Western corn growers.”
The new Phoenix hybrids include:

  • 5352GT and 5352A4 107 RM — These are known for their outstanding yield potential with Agrisure Artesian technology; excellent versatility to work on dryland or top irrigated acres; and a great disease package
  • 5892A4 108 RM — This broadly-adapted hybrid consistently performs across yield environments; is an attractive plant type that fits most management systems; and delivers good resistance to Goss’s Wilt.
  • 6342A4 113 RM — This hybrid is known for excellent yield on dryland and irrigated acreage; handles high pH and variable soils well; and provides excellent tolerance to heat and moisture stress
  • 6518D1 and 6518GT 114 RM — These two hybrids offer excellent yield for maturity available with Agrisure Duracade for rootworm control; outstanding drought stress tolerance with Agrisure Artesian technology; and great resistance to leaf disease
  • 6948A3 114 RM — This hybrid provides strong yield performance with an excellent agronomic package; very good stalks and roots contribute to late-season intactness and standability; and excellent choice for continuous corn acres.
  • 6652BR 116 RM — This hybrid is a broadly adapted hybrid with consistent performance across yield environments; offers outstanding drought tolerance with great test weight; and provides dependable root and stalk strength for season-long standability.

Phoenix brand corn is sold by Advanta Seeds to growers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas.