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Status Australia: CSD Finishes Work on Seed Processing Plant


Work on the buildings and roadwork for a $90 million redevelopment of the Cotton Seed Distributors’ (CSD’s) cotton seed processing plant and laboratory, near Wee Waa, Australia, 350 miles northwest of Sydney, is nearly complete.

The focus between now and the end of harvest in May will be on installing the plant and equipment in the new world-class processing plant, laboratory and office complex, which has been designed to meet the cotton industry’s needs for the next 30 years.

Although the existing facility to totally operational and adequate for current volume, the company is planning to eventually supply large volumes of planting seed on short notice.

Cotton Seed Distributors is Australia’s only supplier of cotton seed.

After cotton harvest, lint is removed from the cotton seed using hydrochloric acid, the seed is polished and treated with fungicides and insecticides. DNA testing ensures the transgenic properties of each strain.

Australia’s cotton seed is almost 100 percent genetically modified.

The demand for cotton seed fluctuates from season to season depending on rainfall, water supply and commodity prices.

The company’s investment into innovation will ensure a robust and profitable cotton industry in Australia, today and well into the future.