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Phytelligence Welcomes Peter Viss as VP


Phytelligence, an agricultural biotechnology company, adds Peter Viss to its team as vice president of global sales for nuts, hops and new crops. In this role, Viss will lead the company’s efforts to provide new and existing growers with premium planting stock in these segments.

Viss will work with Phytelligence’s customer service, accounting and marketing teams to ensure growers have access to the highest quality nut trees, hop plants and new product lines. Overseeing these segments, Viss will also work to educate growers on the economic benefits associated with planting Phytelligence’s true-to-type, virus-free plants and to respond to growers’ need for information on best agronomic practices.

Viss has extensive industry experience driving tissue culture strategy, research and variety development with organizations such as Plant Genetics, Plant Research Laboratory, Brooding Bee and Honey Company, Dave Wilson Nursery and High Desert Ag. During this time, he facilitated the integration of new commercial planting practices with the introduction of the self-fertile “Independence” almond variety to Southern California and Arizona as salesman and in-house agronomist at Dave Wilson Nursery. Viss was also paramount in the development of tissue culture protocol for the commercial production of “Prunus” hybrid rootstock and the first genetic engineering of an apple as research director at Plant Research Laboratory.

“The combination of Peter’s sales and research experience in agronomy and tissue culture are unparalleled,” says Ken Hunt, CEO of Phytelligence. “His deep understanding of the study and development required to propagate virus-free varieties and optimize growth in the field will be instrumental to further company innovation and better support industry growers in the nut, hops and new crop segments.”

Prior to joining Phytelligence, Viss founded his own consulting firm, Viss Consulting in 1997, where he established four tissue culture laboratories and oversaw tissue culture programs developed for prunus, pistachio, juglans, garlic and a variety of annual crops. As owner of the firm, he provided extensive agronomy consulting to more than 20,000 acres of almond and pistachio growers, as well as a number of grape growers in wineries including South Coast Winery, David Bruce Winery, Tanner Vineyards Winery and Vindema Winery.

Viss is also a pioneer in worm compost and compost tea practices. He aided in introducing this strategy to California’s agricultural market, securing more than $2.5 million dollars in sales within six years, and since, has helped companies integrate organic compost practices and advanced irrigation installations.

“I look forward to continuing my career and passion for agronomy and agriculture with Phytelligence,” says Viss. “I’m excited to join the team and support the company’s commitment to innovating tissue culture and delivering high-quality crops to growers in all segments.”