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Rob-See-Co Revives Corn Brand, Expands Territory

After a 75-year absence in the American marketplace, the Rob-See-Co corn brand will again be available to growers for the 2016 planting season.
The Nebraska-based Rob-See-Co also announced the expansion of their sales territory for the Innotech brand of seeds. Beginning this fall, Rob-See-Co will actively expand its marketing efforts to areas east of the Mississippi River. Currently, Rob-See-Co markets the Innotech brand of seed in all states west of the Mississippi.
“This expansion will allow us the opportunity to bring the innovative Innotech brand of seeds from Syngenta to more growers on a regional basis. In the same manner we have built our sales force in the western corn belt, the clarity of our recruiting efforts will continue in the eastern markets, aggressively developing a network of direct sales representatives and local business associates who will help establish the unique relationship between the Rob-See-Co brand and the Innotech brand,” says chief executive officer Rob Robinson.