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Seminis Introduces the Next Generation of Seedless Watermelons

Seminis introduces Branded Summer Slice — the next generation of seedless watermelons. The Summer Slice lineup includes Joy Ride, SV0241WA and SV0258WA.
“Joy Ride is our newest addition to the Seminis watermelon pipeline,” says Jerome Bernier, Seminis watermelon breeder. “It is highly-adaptable and suitable for growing across all regions of the U.S. and produces a large percentage of 36-count watermelon.”
The company reports that Joy Ride offers a thick rind, firm fruit with uniform setting and has a vigorous plant type with good canopy coverage.
SV0241WA is a 60-count watermelon hybrid with good yield potential and excellent interior quality. It is a vigorous plant type that provides outstanding coverage at harvest. The fruit are uniform with small pips and vibrant red flesh color with firmness and sweet taste.
“Because SV0241WA is a little smaller than a traditional watermelon, this type of watermelon is going to become more popular as people are looking for something more convenient that takes up less space in the refrigerator,” explains Bernier.
SV0258WA is an ideal watermelon hybrid variety for growing in the Western and Midwestern U.S. due to its early maturity, good yield potential and Brix content. This hybrid has vigorous plant type and strong canopy to help protect the fruit from sunburn and produces consistent fruit uniformity across the field.