b'EQUIPMENTHONOURABLE MENTIONS: EQUIPMENTThermoSeed, Lantmnnen BioAgriThermoSeed has been widely used in Europe and is being introduced in Canada via Lantmnnens seed business partners. It is a unique heat treatment method that provides quality seed for conventional and organic SEA.CX Optical Sorter, Cimbria farming. The process is comparable to pasteurization Optical sorters are among the newest technology in seedusing warm, moist air, neutralizing the infection of the and grain processing. This equipment separates particlesseed without compromising seed germination. As a based on colour and is often found at or near the end of theresult, seed vigour is often increased.processing line, after mechanical separations, to remove impurities of similar size and density. Colour sorting is necessary nowadays to ensure the best purity of bulk products, as well as ensuring the strictest food hygiene and health requirements of end-products are met.Cimbria SEA.CX (sold and serviced by Nexeed) offers a complete range of optical sorters. Machines are available from one to seven chutes wide. The technology range includes a simple monochromatic version, to bichromatic, NIR, InGaAs, RGB Full Colour, and now Shape Sizing in the SEA.CX. DJI Agras T30 spreaderDJI Agras Fully Autonomous DronesDJI Agricultures drones have been very popular worldwide and have been introduced in Canada via Wonderfull Inc. business partners. At present, DJI has successfully released a wide array of crop protection drones, including the 2-in-1 spraying/spreader drone, from MG series to the Agras T30, as well as P4 Multispectral and Phantom 4 RTK. DJI has also introduced a dedicated smart farm mobile platform and Terra software to achieve a closed-loop solution for precision agriculture. With tools servicing over 30 countries in multiple regions, DJI Agriculture has empowered over 10 million professionals with intelligent farming solutions. 8GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'