b' We need breeders to continue to deliverWe want to do whatever wevarieties that help grow our business. can to bring bright young mindsFertilizer efficiency, drought tolerance, pestinto the seed breeding space.managementthese are all traits that help wheat growers to farm sustainably andThats where everything starts. Ourgrow a big crop. We need more studentsmembers include plant breedersstudying plant breeding and choosing this asand seed developers and having that a profession. Just like any other industry, we need to attract talented new people.connection to universities is important Adam Dyck, Canadian Program Manager, Warburtons to our members and to the industry as a whole. Its a win-win. Krista Erickson, Director of Member Strategy & We are pleased to be one of theSolutions, Seeds Canadasponsors of the CPBI scholarships. WGRF believes there is great value in helping attract the best minds to crop research through scholarships to generate improved technology and productivity for western cropFor video interviews with this years Canadian Plant Breeding Innovations producers. Scholars, visit germination.ca/category/cpbi-scholarships/For information on how to come on board as a sponsor, Garth Patterson, Executive Director, Westernemail mzienkiewicz@seedworldgroup.comGrains Research Foundation40GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'