b'payments to Ukraine and gives farmers permission toming from lack of supply from Ukraine is the price of plant crops on fallow conservation acreage. Meanwhile,food increasing.the EU will not take a cut for greening payments from those crops.Food Prices Will IncreaseRussias war against Ukraine has created a multitudeFor countries that rely on Ukraine and Russias wheat of problems including in relation to global food security,exports, the lack of supply could result in increased prices European Commission Executive Vice President Valdisof grainswhich, for developing nations, might not be a Dombrovskis said in a release.problem. For developed countries, its a different story.When it comes to food, now is the time for EuropeWheat doesnt grow well in tropical regions, but luck-to show its solidarity: to help Ukraine, its people andily, most developing nations dont rely on grains as part farmers, as well as vulnerable food-importing countriesof their diet, says Anthony Leddin, a plant breeder with around the world that face surging prices and potentialValley Seeds in Australia. The effect wont be near as dif-shortages, he said. ficult in developing nations in comparison to those who The fallow land will open up four million hectares forhave wheat as a main staple in their diet.crops in 2022.The main concern due to issues in the grain trade Unfortunately, seed and pesticide transportation hasfrom Ukraine and Russia, however, would be the effects been delayed in many regions. on the bread market globally. Logistics continues to be an issue as well. Wheat is pretty unique in that it has gluten to pro-Some of our routes were destroyed or mined. Its justduce bread, Leddin says. Thats what you would have dangerous because we have military actions in five of ourto buy in the supermarket, and theres nothing else that regions. Theres a similar situation with storage, she says.can really substitute for itother cereals dont rise like wheat bread.Economic Outlook Bleak Primarily, though, Leddin says its possible to see crops As the situation continues, crop economic outlooks arelike millet or sorghum come into play more as a staple predicting concerns with the loss of potential exportscereal, but this would be used to make something along from both Russia and Ukraine. the lines of a porridge instead of a bread. According to the USDAs recent World AgriculturalWhats more likely, he believes, is countries might not Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) reports, theexport as much as they would in a normal year to main-invasion has increased uncertainty of agricultural supplytain and feed their own citizens.and demand conditions in the region and globally. ThatAll in all, food price increases seem imminent. said, positive trends are starting to showcorn produc-tion has been raised for Ukraine, according to the WASDEThe Fight Isnt Over Yetreport for June 10. When it comes down to it, Grygorenko wants everyone to The global wheat outlook for 2022/23 is for lowerknow that as the situation continues, the real heroes she supplies, reduced consumption, fractionally lower trade,sees right now are the growers in Ukraine.and slightly lower ending stocks. Especially concerning isOur farmers and volunteers are heroic people, she the impact on the global barley outlook. Barley exportssays. Some farmers, especially in southern regions, con-are lowered for Australia, the EU and Ukraine. Foreigntinue working and helping civilians with food, fuel, bread corn ending stocks are raised relative to May, mostly onand even seeds. War shows us and the world that nothing increases for Ukraine and Russia. Global corn endingis impossible, she adds.stocks, at 310.5 million tons, are up 5.3 million from May.We believe in the armed forces of Ukraine. Slava When it comes down to it, the biggest concern stem- Ukraini! 32GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'