b'in the form of its legacy organizations for many years.government advocacy, both provincially and federally, It has many interests, ranging from IP, phytos, biotech,development of new services that benefit our members and audits, pest control, product regulations, the list goes on.clients and representing our members on the international For CSGA, while we have positions on some of thesescene. Regarding how Seeds Canada and CSGA function in issues and our members have their views as well, its justthis environment, the organizations will have differences of not the focus of our organization. CSGA is focused solelyopinion. I dont think we need to apologize for that. on seed crop certification, seed certification standards development, and representing our over 3,100 members. Some people may see conflict here, but these are actu-ally two complementary, interconnected organizations with a path forward. CSGA is proud of our track record as a reliable regulatory partner. Where we think we can have the biggest positive impact is on providing that digital single window that weve heard about for the last number of years. Were really excited about being able to provide that solution for the industry and CSGA becoming the main point of contact for industry and government when it comes to seed certification. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4qo9eKhDV0&t=6sBarry Senft: We are not looking to do everything that needs to be done in the seed development area. In fact, its the opposite. We want more than one entity providing services for the industry. Regarding the go-to term, Seeds Canada will be providing services for our members on such things as communicating issues on behalf of our membersListen to the full talk with Doug Miller and Barry Senft atand clients, communications to our members and clients,germination.ca/doug-barryJULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 17'