b'WHO IS LEADING THE CHARGE IN SEEDINDUSTRY INNOVATION?Marc Zienkiewicz and Alex MartinThe world population continues to climb and the need for more food and fibre is looming. The seed industry, farmers and consumers alike need innovations more today than ever before.Theyre looking for innovations that not only add yield and increase ROI but provide environmental benefits as well. This year, Germination looked at the past few years of innovations to determine which earned a spot in our 10 Most Innovative Products in the Seed Industry. This is the inaugural contest and will be hosted annually.Winners are based on the products overall impact on the industry and potential for scalability and widespread use. This led us to 10 products from six categories: Equipment, traits, seed-applied technology, testing, software and biostimulants/biologicals. Weve listed our Top 10 Innovations and two honourable mentions in alphabetical order by category.6GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'