b'Everyone is familiar with Thank A Feeding the world is no small task. Farmer For The Food We Ate TodayIt takes dedicated people who care bumper stickers. But those farmersdeeply about what they do. I cant are also thanking plant breeders forthink of a better description for a plant their dedication to the breeding andbreeder, or a better reason to be a development of new crop varieties. Thesepart of the Canadian Plant Breeding new varieties and their key value-added traits are essential for an innovative,Shawn Brook, Publisher, Germination Innovation Scholarship program.competitive and sustainable agri-food sector and for ensuring Canadas food security. CSGA-RecognizedAt an industry level, we need Plant Breeders and Associate Plantto support new innovations Breeders produce Breeder seed, whichin technology, which are the provides the original parent seed for alllifeblood of our industry. other classes of pedigreed seed. PlantUniversities are incubators for breeders are a vital part of CSGAsthat, but also for teaching the membership. They have made significantprofessionals who will ultimately strides in improving the crops we grow. join our industry and provideDoug Miller, Executive Director, their expertise to the various Canadian Seed Growers Association breeding companies that that we rely on. Its only through those breeders that Richardson can THIS IS ABOUT MORE THAN JUST OURbring bigger, stronger, faster ORGANIZATION BEING A SPONSOR.products to the market.ITS REALLY ABOUT THE FOUNDATION OF THE SUCCESS OF WESTERN Peter Entz, Assistant VP of SeedCANADIAN AGRICULTURE, WHETHERand Traits, RichardsonYOURE DEALING IN FORAGE CROPS OR ANNUAL SPECIES. THEYRE REALLY THE BUILDING BLOCKS FOR ALL OF Our objective is to ensure that wheat is aTHE REST OF THE INDUSTRY. HAVINGhighly profitable and sustainable crop for SUCCESSFUL PLANT BREEDERSSaskatchewan farmers. Our top strategic focus is BASED HERE AT HOME WHO CANresearch and maximizing direct financial benefit DEVELOP INNOVATIVE TRAITS FORto Saskatchewan producers through yield gains, FARMERS TO BENEFIT IS CRUCIAL.improved quality characteristics and agronomic THOSE RIPPLE EFFECTS ARE FELTefficiencies. Providing funding to the next BEYOND SEED AND INTO GRAINgeneration of plant breeders and support scientists HANDLING AND FOOD PROCESSING.through scholarships like this will benefit our THE ENTIRE ROOTS OF THEbreeding programs in Western Canada andCANADIAN AG SYSTEM ARE BASEDbring many long-term advancements thatON SUCCESSFUL PLANT BREEDERSwill positively impact the bottom lines of WORKING HERE IN WESTERN CANADA. Saskatchewan wheat producers.Todd Hyra, Western Business Manager, SeCanBlair Goldade, Executive Director, Sask WheatJULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 39'