b'SOFTWAREGenWARE Inventory Management App, Primetics Seed SolutionsThis Android app revolutionizes how information is exchanged between back-office and warehouse personnel in seed distribution environments. It provides real-time shipping and inventory data and streamlines stock transaction processing, which would otherwise necessitate multiple communication channels.SNPer/SNPro Genotyping Software, NRGeneOptimizing a genotyping strategy for genomic selection and implementing it successfully in a crop-breeding program requires extensive resources and constant attention to detail. NRGene thus developed SNPer as a customized genotyping solution in which genotyping and imputation are optimized within an individual breeding program to maximize the genetic data gained from a minimal number of SNPs genotyped.Users can use smart barcoding technology to process goods The informativeness of the genetic data translates intodespatch tickets, create and process stock transfers between higher prediction accuracy while the cost is greatlywarehouse locations, perform stock counts, receipt purchase reduced. This technology is critical to the industry as manyorders, and adjust stock levels all within one app. Users companies perform genotyping as part of their breedingcan validate that the correct lots are being moved, adjusted, program, and by using NRGenes technology, suchor counted faster and more accurately by using either the companies can develop and release new elite varietiesdevices integrated camera or a purpose-built barcode faster to the market. scanner. In addition, NRGene launched a derivative product calledOther features include receiving push notifications and SNPro, featuring a pre-designed, complete genotypingautomatically sending emails to staff, customers, and shipping solution that combines low-density genotyping withcompanies based on status updates. GenWARE saves its high-density imputation to an industry-standard panel.users time, ensures accuracy of stock data and eliminates SNPro products were developed for soybean and canolaerrors.and are available for immediate use. Together, these two innovations are generating an impact on seed companies by reducing their costs and thus boosting corporate earnings.12GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'