b'CSGA / SEEDGROWERS.CA / RENEWING THE SEED CERTIFICATION SYSTEM FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONWHY CSGA ASPIRES TO BE CANADAS DESIGNATED AUTHORITY FOR SEED CERTIFICATIONAT CSGA, we are proud of our track record as a reliablethe Netherlands (NAK), France and modern regulatory partner. As Canadas seed crop(SEMAE) and England (NIAB). certification body, we are dedicated to ensuring qualityExpanded CSGA authority doesnt seed from improved varieties to benefit farmers, agricul- mean taking over the role of other ture and Canadians. We have done this for over a centuryseed organizations. While no coun-and are ready to do more.try globally has competing seed We want to bring Canadas trusted, science-based seedcertification bodies, many have certification system into the future by expanding ourcomplementary organizations. In delegated authority and delivering a digital single windowthe Netherlands, the NAK handles for the sector.seed certification like CSGA, and Doug Miller,What does this mean? By design, Canadas currentPLANTUMs role is similar to Seeds CSGA Executiveseed certification system is fragmented between seed cropCanadas. Director certificationadministered by CSGAand seed cer- What we are proposing is not a tification administered by the Canadian Food Inspectionnew idea but rather a tried and tested Agency (CFIA).evolution of a mature seed system. CSGA has the authority to certify seed crops and setIts an opportunity for each organiza-standards for varietal purity. We also recognize planttion to play to its strengths and grow.breeders, accredit plot producers, and approve BreederCSGA can add value to the system and Select seed. The CFIA is the official body that certi- through a digital single window fies Foundation, Registered, and Certified seed.framework. When we look at the Our unique public-private partnership has spannedfuture of seed certification, we see 118 years, and our seed certification system relies on thisa system that leverages digital tools relationship. Government oversight provides buyer assur- and innovations, prioritizes the user ances, international confidence in Canadas seed and cropexperience and fulfills regulatory systems, and increased consumer trust in plant breedingobligations.innovation.By establishing a single window However, this also means growers, third parties, andfor seed certification services, we seed companies must navigate multiple sites and pro- would enable a digital-end-to-end cesses to complete seed certification. This can be a frus- certification system with access to trating, confusing and time-consuming process.all seed regulatory documentation in When we say we want to see CSGAs delegated author- a single, easy-to-use platform. This ity expanded, were not talking about a drastic change towould simplify processes, reduce the fundamental framework of seed certification. Wereburden and cost, eliminate duplicate talking about opportunities to incorporate new technol- data requirements, and expedite ogy and future proof through mechanisms like incorpora- decision making. The future is digital, tion by reference.and this approach makes sense for We see a system where CSGA serves as the nationaltodays modern seed sector. designated authority to manage all administrative func- Our sector has grown and tions of seed certification, while the CFIA remains thematured significantly in the last few ultimate authority for seed and seed certification indecades. The current framework Canada.needs modernizing, but its not There are many examples of how this can be donebroken. We are ready to lead our successfully, as governments worldwide have delegatedtrusted, high-performing seed system authority to non-government organizations to be thewith confidence and reliability. national seed certification agency. A few examples include 28GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'