b'changed for everyone in Ukraine literally overnight. Itsand consumer minds is whether Ukrainian farmers would hard to know what to do or how to handle this. All youget seed in the ground in time for planting. However, can do is clearly say that this is not acceptable and youreGrygorenko says theres been a bigger push to get seed not OK with what is going on. So many around the worlddistributed and planted.have done that, and its comforting to see. Ukrainian farmers are the true heroestheyve Though, like many others, Henry did not see this con- started and are continuing a sowing campaign despite eve-flict as a surprise. rything, she says. All of us understandthis is not only I think over the last seven years or so, many wereabout food security in Ukraine, its for the whole world.preparing themselves mentally for something like this,Before the sowing campaign started, the Ukrainian gov-she said. When you look at history, the Russian nationernment polled farmers about their needs for working in really started in Kyiv, in what is now Ukraine. Kyiv hasthe field. Luckily, from the results, the situation wasnt dire.really been a cultural epicenter for so long. Its a holyFarmers in Ukraine need seeds for 897,000 hectares place. Thats what makes it so attractive to Vladimir Putin,of land, and fertilizers for 802,000 hectares, according to but its also what makes the Ukrainian people so strong. Grygorenko. The biggest need, she says, is fuel and pes-For others, like Siuzana Grygorenko, the invasion hasticides. Without access to these tools, Ukrainian farmers become an unfortunate new normal in which to adapt. could face a loss of 30% of their harvest.All around us, there is the war, the executive directorWe need seeds of different types: vegetables, soy-of the Seed Association of Ukraine says. Every day, ourbean, corn (20% of all corn seeds are imported), and team starts our work by reading the news. Some days it issunflowers (these seeds are imported 50%), she says. difficult to work and make any decisions after the reportsBut our government made several practical steps for sup-we hear. In the agricultural sphere, the situation is alsoporting farmers.not good. In March, the Ukrainian government simplified some Theyve seen numerous deaths of friends and grow- procedures for seed certification abroad. As a result, ers in the area, Grygorenko says. As fighting continues,imported seeds move quickly from foreign producers to another increasing issue appearing is destruction andUkrainian farmers.stolen goods. In addition, the EU recently announced a program allowing Ukrainian farmers to plant crops on conservation Planting Problems Abound acreage to increase crop production amid the invasion. One concern weighing heavy on global traders, farmersThe program includes nearly $550 million in direct Cleanfarms 2022 Unwanted Pesticides & Old Livestock/Equine Medications Collectionis coming to the following regions this fall!2022 Collection Events(approximate dates; to be conrmed)Ontario Newfoundland End of September (19th to 27th) Mid October (12th to 14th) Northern Alberta Manitoba Early October (3rd to 7th) End of October (24th to 28th)BC and Alberta: Peace Region Mid-October (12th to 14th) Look for details on locations & dates later this summer and check out Cleanfarms.casee "Unwanted/Outdated Products" under "What to Recycle & Where"PartnerCleanfarms.caSCAN MEinfo@cleanfarms.ca @cleanfarms2022_CF_UPLM_Germination and Spud Smart_7.125x4.75.indd 1 JULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 312022-06-13 11:27 AM'