b'HERES WHY 11ORGANIZATIONS CAME ON BOARD TO HELP PLANT BREEDERS FURTHER THEIR CAREERS Marc ZienkiewiczTHIS YEAR,the Canadian Plant Breeding InnovationOne of our strategic priorities is to support the development of the Awards (CPBI) programnext leaders in agriculture. Investing in scholarships to help shape the awarded five scholarshipsexperts who will provide innovation to farmers is a way to achieve this to some very deservingobjective. The CPBI scholarship is one of many we invest in. What sets plant breeding students at the University of Britishit apart is that it specifically rewards and encourages talent in plant Columbia, University ofbreeding and variety development. Farmers are the end users of this Alberta, University ofgenetic technology and benefit greatly from it.Manitoba, Laval University and McGill University.T OM STEVE, GENERAL MANAGER,Each year, the CPBIALBERTA WHEAT AND BARLEY COMMISSIONSPlant Breeding and Genetics Award winner has the privilege of presenting Our shareholders provideFinding good breeders is important scholarships to studentstheir customers with leading enrolled at a masters orvarieties and expert advice sofor us. We need new genetics, and PhD level in plant breedingthat growers have the right seedonly plant breeding experts can or plant genetics. and seed additives for theirget those into a seed. For example, A variety of sponsorsfarms. We cant do that withoutfrom a blackleg perspective, we are make it happen, and weensuring a steady stream ofdealing with clubroot as rotations talked to them all aboutbright young people enter theget tighter, so its always good to why they chose to be aplant breeding profession. support breeders in their careers so part of the scholarshipThats what scholarships like they can do their jobs even better.program in 2022. Heres what they had to say aboutthis help to do.Ryan McCann, Director of North American Chris Churko, CEO, FP Genetics Seed, Nutrien Ag Solutionswhy they wanted to be a sponsor. It might make you want to be a sponsor, too.38GERMINATION.CAJULY 2022'