b'The Headlines Business | People | Policy | Product | ResearchSubmissions welcome: news@seedworldgroup.comBUSINESS Seed Growers Association Branch AGMs, members voted NEW PEA PROCESSING FACILITIES TO BE BUILT IN ALBERTA in favour of a branch merger, according to the latest Phyto Organix Foods is planning to purchase 15 acres ofSeed Scoop newsletter from the Canadian Seed Growers land in Strathmore, Alta., in order to build a $225-millionAssociation. The changes permit seed growers from both pea processing facility. The plant will be operational byprovinces to become full members of the new organiza-2024 and will use proprietary wet fractionation tech- tion (expected to be called the Alberta-B.C. Seed Growers nology to process 40,000 metric tonnes of yellow peasAssociation).annually. A group of partners has also formed to build a processing plant for pea and lupin in Bowden, Alta. TheRESEARCHgroup includes Protein Industries Canada, More ThanGRAIN GROWERS OF CANADA LAUNCH CLIMATE INITIATIVE Protein Ingredients, Quantum Mechanical Technology andCALLED ROAD TO 2050Hamman Ag Research.The Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) have launched the Road to 2050, a climate solutions initiative to help meet NORTHSTAR SEED BOUGHT BY GERMANYS DEUTSCHECanadas ambitious goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. SAATVEREDELUNGThe Road to 2050 is meant to provide a framework which Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV), a Germany basedfocuses on innovation, research and beneficial manage-seed breeding and trading company, and Northstar Seed,ment practices. Its also intended to guide government a Canadian seed multiplication company, announced thatpolicies and programming directed at Canadas grains the signing to take over 100% of the shares of Northstarsector, ensuring farmers are supported in their efforts. All Seed by DSV took place on April 7. The completion of therecommendations will reflect farmers priorities, provid-deal is subject to closing, which is expected within theing direction for legislators and policy makers who are coming months.making investments in research and incentivizing adop-tion of beneficial management practices.SYNGENTA GROUP REPORTS 23% GROWTH IN 2021 Syngenta Group announced a sales increase of $5.2 bil- ARE DIPLOID VARIETIES THE FUTURE OF POTATOES?lion across all units in their full-year 2021 performanceAn international team of researchers led by the Chinese report. The report shares data from all business units,Academy of Agricultural Sciences delved deeper into including Syngenta AG, Syngenta Group China, ADAMA,the advancements and biology of potato as a genetically Sinofert Holdings, Winall Hi-tech Seed and Yangnongintricate food crop. To learn more about the intricacies of Chemical, according to the press release. The companythe potato genome, the team investigated the genome says the growth this past year was, fuelled by demandevolution and diversity of 24 wild and 20 cultivated dip-for products and services that help farmers increaseloid potato varieties, creating a map of notable genetic yields. traits that could help breeders speed-up the development of new varieties. This work will be a fantastic source of POLICY information for potato geneticists and breeders and will CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE ENDORSES THE FRAMEWORK FORprovide a very rich source of data that will facilitate dip-RESPONSIBLE USE OF GENE EDITING loid hybrid breeding, said Glenn Bryan, co-author of the The Coalition for Responsible Gene Editing in Agriculturestudy and potato geneticist at the James Hutton Institutes announced that Corteva Agriscience has formallyCell and Molecular Sciences group.endorsed the Framework for Responsible Use of Gene Editing in Agriculture. The framework was developed byDIAGRAM CONNECTS WHEAT TRAITS WITH YIELD POTENTIALa multi-stakeholder coalition that included representativesA team of international researchers are putting forth a from food companies, academia, civil society, technologynew wiring diagram that displays the interrelationships developers, farmers and related associations. It outlinesof physical traits that influence wheat yield potential to a set of principles and commitments that organizationsalleviate these limitations. It shows connections across voluntarily follow to demonstrate their willingness to betraits that may have been overlooked, which could act transparent about their use of gene editing and intentionsas a decision support tool. The model works to inform that benefit the food system, environment and society asnew research hypotheses, breeding decisions and a whole. research investment areas, shared a press release from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center AN ALBERTA-B.C. SEED GROWERS ASSOCIATION IS COMING SOON (CIMMYT). View the diagram at germination.ca/diagram-At the Alberta Seed Growers (ASG) and British Columbiaconnects-wheat-traits-with-yield-potential/ JULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 47'