b'TRAITST3H2006 Industrial Hemp Hybrid,Verve Seed Solutions/Farmers Business NetworkThe first true F1 industrial hemp grain hybrid developed and commercialized in Canada and quite possible a first in the world, T3H2006 is a grain hybrid with increased content of cannabidiol (CBD) and was developed by Verve Seed Solutions and Farmers Business Network.T3H2006 was approved for cultivation and commercialized in 2021. T3H2006 is a great example of innovation and technical advancement in hemp breeding. Historically, hemp hybrid development was hampered by the inability to produce F1 hybrid seed cost-effectively, leading to sales of F2 generation seed. Verve Seed Solutions and FBN have developed a production system that allows for cost-effective, large-scale production of feminized seed of female parents which in turn allows for cost-effective hybrid seed to be brought to market. This approach heralds a new era in hemp breeding to utilize heterosis in developing high yielding hybrid cultivars and will be key to advancing hemp acres in North America. In addition, hybrid hemp has the potential to solve the problem with crop uniformity which is critical for production of high-quality grain and fibre. CR4/CR5 Clubroot Resistant Packages, Corteva AgriscienceAfter being the first to deliver clubroot resistance to growers, Corteva Agriscience continues to provide new genetic tools for management of clubroot in canola. With each consecutive release of new CR packages, new gene(s) and gene combinations provide protection against predominant pathotypes in Western Canada while simultaneously offering resistance gene rotation options. The latest CR packages released, CR4 and CR5, offer clubroot resistance gene stacks in various herbicide segments. CR4 delivers a new resistance gene in an effective clubroot stack in multiple herbicide segments. CR5 delivers new genes within a clubroot triple stack of a Clearfield herbicide tolerant hybrid. These options provide excellent yield, great agronomics and robust management resistance genetics of clubroot on farm while promoting CR genetics stewardship. JULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 9'