b'PARTNER CONTENTAdventures in Chemistry with SGS CanadaA s technology changes, so do the kinds of tests the seed industry needs to be able to support businesses. Enter the SGS Canada chemistry laboratory located at our headquarters in Sherwood Park, Alta. This standalone part of our operations handles an array of tests designed to provide product confidence for anyone who sells seed or applies seed treatment. Seed treatments are designed to enhance plant performance and reduce harmful fungal and insect interactions. Understanding this and the constraints of unpredictable sample shipment out of country, heres a snapshot of some of the important analytical diagnostics SGSDUST-OFF TESTINGcarries out within Canadas borders. Globally accepted, this mechanical test measures the amount of dust generated when treated seed is agitated in a controlled handling system. Our dust-off testing clearly identifies differences between various seed treatment applications and minimizes risk. Determining dust-off rates is an important step in evaluating the characteristics of your seed amendment, as well as its usability and safety.Visit cropscience.sgs.ca for info! To conduct the test, the treated seed is placed into a sealed tumbler and then rotated at a set speed while air is pushed through the sample. That airflow car-ries the particulate which is collected within the filter housing (photo at top right). Precise measurement of the dust particles is the final quantified test result. ACTIVE INGREDIENT TESTINGBuild-out of active ingredient testing, also known as Load Testing, measures how much active ingredient is on treated seed through formulation analysis. To do this, the active ingredients are extracted from the seed, filtered and quantified for each target. This test supports seed suppliers with advanced test methods to provide confidence that they are applying seed treatment at the ideal rate.Our chemistry laboratory serves to expand on the multitude of services we offer for seed quality control and seed R&D testing. We are focused on deliver-ing testing within Canada which facilitate fast testing turnaround, plus knocks out sample shipping delays. SGS CanadaJULY 2022 GERMINATION.CA 21'